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Workshop Queen

Hello again lovely human!

Oh, how I love to write for you, to open my heart and soul for you, to explore myself with and through you. Today, I want to talk about workshops.

When I went to Costa Rica, I entered a work exchange program, where it was mandatory to participate in at least 3 workshops within the span of 6 weeks. A workshop could last anywhere between 1 and 5 days, sometimes even longer. These workshops had one sole purpose: to help us heal, to help us grow.

Even before arriving, I knew I would want to participate in as many workshops as possible because my intention with my trip was to heal and, well, grow. When I arrived, I quickly became known as the "Workshop Queen". Diving deeply into the deep dark corners of myself. Taking advantage of the platform provided to me for this process. I was a woman on a mission to accelerate and "excel-lerate" herself (yes, I just made up a word!).

The concept of workshops, however, began much earlier than Costa Rica. In fact, by the time I arrived, I was already well accustomed to the setting and group dynamic that a workshop provides.

So, what exactly is a workshop? For many, it's a space where one learns a new skill. Such as woodcarving, languages, or business development seminars. The workshop I'm referring to is a space within which one learns about themselves in a safe and guided environment.

There are many parts of myself I have forgotten. These workshops were there to provide support while I explored myself and remembered that which I have always known. But in order to do this, I had to be courageous and have trust in the process, in the group, and in the facilitator who held the space for us all. Once this trust was established, I then relaxed into the journey and dove deeply into myself.

About 10 years ago or so, when my journey of self-exploration began, I had a feeling that there was more to me than I knew. I had a sense that there was something there, something about myself that was just beyond my reach. What was it? Why was I feeling this? And what was it I thought I felt?

It was a calling, an inner voice that told me there was something special right in front of me. All I had to do was open my eyes. So I began inquiring further. How do I open my eyes? How do I see? And, furthermore, how will I know it when I see it?

Those were the question that sparked the adventure that will become my journey, my path to the real me. The me I knew I was but had forgotten.

The workshops I participated in, and there have been oh, so many, were like little guides on an epic journey. Imagine a Lord of the Rings type journey; Where Frodo's curiosity for adventure is the initial spark, Gandalf is the first teacher that points you in the direction you didn't know to look. Samwise is like your inner child who is right there alongside you every step of the way. Then there's Aragon (known initially as Strider), who is yet another teacher, a support throughout the journey. Every member of the fellowship is another teacher still. Ultimately, Frodo's journey is one of solitude despite all the support. For we must all walk our own paths, and we must all face our own challenges on our epic journeys. The outcome? Well, to be honest, I don't know! I think that's where the metaphor ends, for there is no end to our journeys, as far as I know. At least I can say so about myself.

So why doesn't everyone begin such a journey?

That's a question I'd love to know the answer to as well. My ego has been dying to know. But my heart tells me simply that not everyone is ready to look within. Not everyone is ready to look at themselves and admit there is something more, let alone make the decision to explore so more deeply.

To those people, I say, if you ever do decide to investigate what is this journey to which I am referring, I would be more than happy to investigate alongside you, as one of the many teachers you will encounter in your life.

Perhaps I can interest you in a workshop or two? ;)

The time will come where I will reach a point in my own journey where holding space and facilitating a workshop for you will become possible, and even fun!

To those who have embarked on their journeys I say "Hey!! Good to see on this path! What wisdom and magic can you share with me? Let's share and exchange our stories over a nice cup of tea (or maybe something stronger)"

Until then, I am wishing you luck with your individual journeys, support in whatever way I can offer to you, and love. Always love. And also, kindness!


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