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Moon Cycles and Menstruation

Every woman, at some point in her life, has synced up her menstruation cycle with that of another womb. It is a phenomenon, called The McClintock Effect ¹, which explains that when women spend time together, they will, eventually, sync up their cycle. When that happens, as far as I’m concerned, the magic that occurs is amplified two-fold, or three-fold, or even more, if more women synchronize their cycle. In my experience, I found the intensity of this synchronicity to be quite special. When the wombs are in sync, and sacred space is held, what comes forth is pure magic: Creativity, compassion, connection, intuition, and a higher understanding of the natural rhythm with which our life is orchestrated.

Having said that, before this magical moment is realized, it’s mostly preceded by a storm of emotion and heightened sensitivity all around. For most of my life, in fact, I’ve dreaded that moment of the sharp stomach cramp, knowing full well that what followed was (often) excruciating pain, blemished skin, irritability, impatience, moodiness, and of course, the actual bloody mess that must be kept in check at all times. God forbid you have a leaky accident in public!!

Alas, some of these things are still present today, with the exception of the excruciating pain, which now feels like a not-so-gentle-hug in my ovaries. But something that used to be and no longer is for me, is the perspective of “Shit, it’s that time of the month again!”. Today, my perspective towards my period has changed to that of “Ah, it’s time!”. To some, this might not seem very different, but the energy behind the words has completely shifted. What I once dreaded with all my might, has now become a vital and sacred time of my month. It is a time of reflection. A time of connection and gentleness. A time of great intuition and manifestation. My moon cycle has become a part of me that I love with all my heart.

I highly recommend reading “Red Moon”, by Miranda Gray. This book brings in the “understanding and using the creative, sexual, and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle” (as it states in its title itself). I especially recommend introducing this perspective to girls who are just beginning, or are about to begin, their life-long relationship with their womb-space.

All this to say is that with this new perspective towards my inner moon, I am much more able to move beyond the physical discomfort, and dive into the divinity that is heightened at this time.

This brings me back to the moon cycle. (I will write about the inner moon in more detail in another segment).

Today is a full moon, in Gemini, and my inner moon has arrived just in time for the messages that coincide.

A little backstory: Just as the sun follows the cycle of Sun Sign Zodiacs, so, too, cycles the Moon. Though they are the same signs, they arrive at a different time of the year. Each Moon cycle lasts roughly 1 month; Each Sun Cycle lasts 12 months ². For example, today, we are in the Sun Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius. All you Sagittarians out there may agree that the most common traits of a Sagittarian is enthusiasm, good sense of humor, optimism, and a free-loving spirit ². However, we are also entering the Full Moon in Gemini. The Gemini traits are curiosity, adaptability, and cleverness.

Essentially, this means that during this time, the energy of the two signs are heightened. It also means, according to The Pattern App, that this is a "time of playful, communicative, and creative energy".

Full disclosure, I am no Astrologer. Therefore, I recommend checking out 'Forever Conscious’ ³ for a more thorough Full Moon in Gemini Astrology breakdown. Or any other Astrologer you like to follow. My intention with these words is to bring in my personal experience and understanding around this time.

Having your menstruation sync up with the New and Full Moon cycles is quite special. Especially if it’s consistent. Remember, nothing, I repeat, nothing in life is random. Everything has meaning.

Considering today is a full moon, and I myself am starting my inner moon cycle, I decided to look into the meaning behind this special synchronicity.

Here is what I discovered:

Having your Inner Moon continually sync with the Full Moon, means that you are in alignment with nature’s cycle and rhythm. To be in alignment with this rhythm means that you are in alignment with the energy of the Earth.

Angelical Balance ⁴ had a beautiful message to say about this synchronicity. Bringing forth the message of this time being a time of self-awareness and powerful manifestation, as well as “embracing the woman you are becoming” ⁴..

In fact, when a woman begins her Inner Moon Cycle, her manifestation powers are heightened, even without the Full Moon’s power. So combining the two can only bring about great power! (And of course, as we all know, with great power comes… yes. Great Responsibility. Thanks Uncle Ben, for always reminding us this truly important lesson.)

When we manifest, we are taking responsibility for our manifestation and thus, our outer reality. We must be aware of this power, and respect it to its utmost. Failing to respect this power, may result in a manifestation that you may not have really intended. Therefore, be sure to clear your mind, purify your heart, and with sincere love, send out your deepest manifestation at this time.

If you cannot think of anything to manifest, manifest love to all.

Angelical Balance also mentions that “if your period suddenly coincides with full moon days, it is believed to be a warning from the spiritual world that you are not embracing your feminine side”⁴.

Now, as always, take what resonates (with a grain of salt), and leave what doesn’t. In my personal case, I feel this rings true. Considering this is an unusual synchronicity for my Inner Moon to sync with the Full Moon, it has captured my attention like never before.

What it has brought up for me so far, was forcing me to look at the feminine part of myself that I am not fully embracing. In fact, this month has reflected back to me that much of my feminine creativity is being suppressed. I am still afraid of fully embracing this very loud side of me.

But this, ladies and (hopefully) gentlemen too, is the journey! There is no judgement about the so-called progress. There is no “better than”. There is only the here and now. There is only that which is brought to light when we are ready to see it. And it will continue to be brought to light so long as we choose to ignore what is coming up.

Personally, I’m not sure exactly what “embracing my feminine side” will look like for me. But what I do know is that I intend to find out! Because if we really take a moment to think about it, what is the alternative?

As always,

With love and kindness,


Photo Credit: Tom Fisk

² - The Little Book of Zodiac by Marion Williamson

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