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Crystal Healing Workshop

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Journey into meditation to connect with the energy of the planet and the crystals that are found within.
Learn about the different types of crystals.
How to harness their energy for every day use.
How to choose the right crystal for you.  
How to cleanse and care for your crystals, and more...

Cost: $33 CAD

Dates: TBA

A Night of Music from the Soul

Enter a space where there is nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No one to be, except yourself, wholly. 
In this space, your soul sings to you in a variety of song and melody.
You are welcome to dance around the altar, or bring a pillow or cushion to rest.
Dive in, relax, and breathe the love into your heart and remember to dress comfortably!

Cost: A Gift for the Altar (ex: money, crystals, flowers, etc)

Next Music Night: 

Saturday, Dec 17th, 2022  @ 7-9 PM



Learn Access Bars, become a Bars Practitioner.
In this 1-day course, you will learn the tools needed to become a certified practitioner; Certificate provided upon completion.
What if you had the tools to change your life, and help others do the same!

Contact me here for registration and information.

Cost: $360 CAD ($180 CAD for repeat students)

Next Class:

Saturday, Dec 17th, 2022 @ 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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