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Learn Access Bars, become a Bars Practitioner.
In this 1-day class, you will learn the tools needed to become a certified practitioner; Certificate provided upon completion.
What if you had the tools to change your life, and help others do the same!

Access Bars are 32 points on the head, that, when gently held, create a space where we can look the beliefs and considerations we hold in different aspects of our life.
Access Tools help us gain awareness on these aspects and whether or not they contribute to our lives. 

What if everything you believed about money; having it, not having it, wanting it, fearing it, were all considerations you learned from your family or friends at a young age and do not belong to you? 
How much space would you have in your life if you could uncreate all those limiting beliefs?

The Bars, and other Access Tools taught in this class, can bring a space of calm, of space of expansion, and a sense of ease with life. 

All of Life comes to us with Ease, Joy, and Glory ®

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Price: $450 CAD (50% OFF for repeat students)

Click here for class schedules, registration and information.

Crystal Healing Workshop

crystal workshop.JPG

Journey into meditation to connect with the energy of the planet and the crystals that are found within.
Learn about the different types of crystals.
How to harness their energy for every day use.
How to choose the right crystal for you.  
How to cleanse and care for your crystals, and more...

Cost: $35 CAD

Dates: TBA

A Night of Music from the Soul

Enter a space where there is nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No one to be, except yourself, wholly. 
In this space, your soul sings to you in a variety of song and melody.
You are welcome to dance around the altar, or bring a pillow or cushion to rest.
Dive in, relax, and breathe the love into your heart and remember to dress comfortably!

Cost: $35 CAD

Next Music Night: 


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