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Introducing: Home Visits

When life's busy schedule gets too tight, and you only have an hour or two for yourself, why not have a healing session right in your OWN HOME. 
Services available:

1 hr Access Bars Session -- $120 (tx incl.) 
1 hr Reiki Session  -- $120 (tx incl.)

How does it get any better than this?
Here's one way:
Get 10% discount if you have your own Massage Table at home !

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Reiki Healing Session

60 mins  ❘  $100  (tax incl.)

What is Reiki? Click here for details


Access Bars Session

60 mins  ❘  $100  (tax incl.)

90 mins  ❘  $150  (tax incl.)

What is Access Bars? Click here for details


Distance Reiki

Can't come to me? No problem!

45 mins  ❘  $60  (tax incl.)

What is Reiki? Click here for details

Life Guide

60 mins  ❘  $111  (tax incl.)

Includes Intuitive Energy Reading and Guiding. Connecting with where you are in your life, I tap into your energy to support and guide you. Together we embark on a journey of meditation, homework exercises, and intuitive directions to guide you on your inner journey.

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Access Bars Class

1- Day Class  ❘  $450 (tax incl)

Ready to learn the Bars?
See what classes are coming up here
Or contact me directly to request a class! What else is possible!

Need more info about the Bars? Click for more!

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