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The Three Types of Dreams -- A Theory

Hello lovely humans!

Those of you who know me well, know how connected I am with the dream realm. I dream often, and I dream deeply. One of my most common phrases is: “Wow, I have to share with you the dream I had last night!!” Always with enthusiasm, because dreams are glimpses into our subconsciousness and we ought to listen and respect what arises.

Over the past few years, I realized that it wasn’t as common as I thought to remember dreams so vividly and so frequently. So I began tracking my dreams, recorded them, and even drawing them when possible. As we know, dreams are so surreal sometimes that to draw them is not an easy feat.

After a while of monitoring and sharing my dreams, I came up with a theory. A theory that there are three types of dreams.

The first type is a dream which reflects the previous day or week. If you have an upcoming presentation or speech, for example, and are feeling the nerves kick it up into full gear before bedtime, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to have a “Type 1 dream”. A dream such as going up on stage to give a speech, only to realize you forgot your notes and can’t remember the topic of discussion. Suddenly, you look down and realize the suit you’re wearing turns bright pink and grows a pair of wings and starts to fly off you, leaving you butt naked in front of a room full of penguins eating a giant carrot.

To me, this dream would represent the anxiety of the presentation. And while wings are often a sign of freedom and liberation, in this case, it would mean a need to escape from a difficult or scary situation. Don’t ask me what the penguins eating a giant carrot means… I sometimes laugh at my own imagination.

The second type of dream takes a step back and zooms out a little more. It gives you a broader perspective of where you are in your life. For instance, if you’ve begun dating someone, and you find yourself falling deeply in love and all of the sudden you get a wave of anxiety about the seriousness of the relationship (I know I can’t be the only one whose felt this, am I right?!) and the direction your life is heading, you may encounter a “Type 2” dream. A dream such as this may involve some darker elements and themes revolving around the fears of making such a life-changing decision. Perhaps you have a dream about being in a train station and getting onto the train that takes you over a bridge which makes you nervous because you don’t know how steady it is. And while you’re looking out the window, your new love enters the trolley and tells you to take their hand and run to the front of the train. So you do and when you get to the first cart you’re suddenly not in a train at all, but are standing on a plane’s wing mid-flight with your lover and a tiny pink elephant on your shoulder (just to keep things interesting, and of course, hardcore in the dream realm).

To me, this dream represents a transition, as all trains and modes of transportation tend to represent. Standing in the train, heading in a direction you’re not sure about, which makes you nervous. And ending with you on a plane (also transitional) in the clouds, flying with your lover by your side. And of course, the pink elephant which can mean a number of strange things. It can mean a romantic experience, which fits quite nicely in this interpretation, or it can be an inside joke (such as in my case), which can represent connection and lightness.

The third type of dream is rare and extra awesome!

These dreams come out of nowhere and give guidance on a big scale. They often don't have any theme that occurred daily or even monthly, nor do they seem to be connected with any obvious theme in your life currently. These “Type 3” dreams, I like to refer to as the messages from Source.

Such a dream may include sitting on a step in a giant aquarium when a huge and elegant female Orca swims all around, and above, and below you. You’re both underwater, and simultaneously, both above it as well. She swims about and brings over to you a red cap. Playing with you, irking you to play along. Meanwhile, you feel completely at peace, and love seems to be flowing in the air/water space between you.

This one was particularly profound to me. A friend of mine had mentioned to me mere weeks before this dream that Orcas (all whales) represent the Soul. When diving deeper (no pun intended) I learned that Orcas in dreams also symbolize family, romance, longevity, harmony, travel, community and protection.

To me, this female Orca came to bring me peace and love. To bring me playfulness and a strong message about soul connection.

I realize that each interpretation is unique because so are we. And even if an Orca doesn’t mean this to another person, the message I received was meant for me, and I accepted it as such.

I also acknowledge that this is entirely my theory, and I have not read any case studies to confirm or deny it. This is, as always, my opinion, from the heart, and with lots of love.

If you’re a dreamer, like me, and would like to share some dreams and perhaps get an interpretation (with a giant grain of salt), I’d love to hear what your subconscious is telling you!

Sweet dreams!

With kindness


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