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Please Wait... Processing in Progress!

Happy Friday lovely humans!

This week, I had a number of topics to choose from, in contrast to last week. This makes me think about timing, and how patient we must be to align with what is here and what is coming. The Universe has its own timing; it does not abide by our wants and needs. So while last week I had no topics in mind, this week I have several. The one I will choose to write about is what I mean when I say “oh man, I’m processing so much right now”, which I acknowledge to be a phrase I use often. I asked my boyfriend what processing meant to him. As he shared, I realized I had a slightly different understanding of the word. Therefore, I want to write it here and perhaps present you with a shiny new perspective!

When I say ‘processing’, I like to think of a computer. When we plug information into a program, and click process, we often need to wait a short time for the processing to occur. So what exactly is happening during the ‘processing’ process? To be honest, I don’t know the technical answer, only my opinion on the matter. But to me, the computer takes the information we provided and sends it to where it needs to go. If you typed in a name, address, phone number, and email sequence, the computer will send that data to be stored under contact info, or the sort. It’s essentially finding room to store the information.

When life throws information at me, in the form of a situation, an argument, a joke, a book, a workshop, etc., that information will then need to find its place within me. May it be in my mind, how I think and feel about the information, my energy body, even my physical body. As this information gets past through the layers that make up yours truly, they either get to where they need to be, or get stuck along the way. When they get stuck, especially energetically, they form a blockage, which can later manifest in different forms.

For example, if I hear a joke that is borderline inappropriate, that information will pass through my ears (to start with), and begin to travel through my energy body, my chakras. If my chakras were completely clear (which they often are not), the joke would go right through and I might consider it funny. But if there was a blockage, say, my sacral chakra, that joke would likely trigger a feeling of discomfort. Maybe the joke is insulting to my gender, or to my background. Whatever the case, the joke is now going through the layers to find its place, but gets stuck at the block. If there is a block, I have one of two options: first, I can react within the trigger and get upset. Second, I can recognize the trigger and work through the release. While this is happening, I consider myself to be “processing”. This can take some time.

I often process multiple things at once. Add a super full moon to the equation and I've got myself a storm in the making!

Nowadays, after years of self-exploration and healing, I’m able to recognize the process and stay patient as things come up on their own time. Don’t get me wrong, the storm is very much present! But now I enjoy the rain.

As always, with love and kindness,


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