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My Intuition Is Telling Me...

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Hello lovely Humans!

This week is all about intuition!

We ALL have intuition. It’s not something only some people get, and others are less fortunate. We are all born with it. We just need to exercise our consciousness muscle and tap into it. But what IS


Intuition is an inner knowing. It’s a “knowing” without reasoning. It’s a “gut-feeling”. It’s the bridge between the conscious and unconscious realms. Intuition may express itself in different forms.

Some of you may have heard of being Clairvoyant, which means having clear vision; The ability to see the truth beyond rational reasoning. There is Clairaudience, which is clear hearing. Clairsentience, which is clear sensing; Feeling and sensing, physically, that which is. Claircognizance, which is a clear knowing; felt by yours truly. And Clairmagna, which is literally hearing a voice (or more) in your head. This I learned from my good friend, and incredibly powerful healer, Genevieve, whose contact info will be provided below for anyone interested in taking this amazing course on Intuition.

This week, I chose to write about intuition because it had occurred to me that despite the many confirmations I’ve received over the years to listen and trust my intuition when it comes, I still doubt myself. I question whether what I experience is intuition, or just my mind playing tricks on me, as it often does.

As always, here is an example!

Once upon a Tuesday, I had done a short energy reading for a friend (contact me if you’re interested in having one for yourself!). Moments before we began, I had an image pop into my head about this friend in a very specific and personal context, which I won’t divulge here, for obvious reasons. At that moment, I thought “Huh, interesting that this thought came up now.” But I dismissed it and moved onto the reading. When I was done, my friend told me they were, in fact, resonating with that I had read, and that it was specifically related to the thought that had come for me before the reading. Once again, my intuition was being dismissed instead of embraced. Lesson learned! From then on, everything was relevant. Everything was significant.

The other week I had another “random” thought about an old friend. A friend I had not spoken to in years. For some reason, this thought about them popped into my head out of nowhere. This time, I decided to listen to it and reach out to this friend. I immediately got the response of “What the heck! I just thought about you today randomly! That’s so weird!” Yes, I thought, so weird.. OR perhaps I was intuiting the connection with this friend.

I’m certain that many of you have had this experience at least once in your lifetime, that you thought to yourself: “ I feel like I should reach out to so-and-so” for no particular reason other than you having a feeling, and it transpired that so-and-so desperately needed someone to reach out and say, well, probably exactly what you told them.

Maybe this example is a bit fairytale-ish.

How about this: How many of you ever felt like you shouldn’t turn into that dark alleyway? Or maybe you should take the service road instead of the highway? Maybe you decided at the last minute to take your umbrella as you left the house, just because… These are all gut-feelings, intuitive thoughts that often go unnoticed, or are often discarded altogether. Of course, these are just tiny examples.

For the longest time, I struggled to tune into my intuition and to trust what arose. My block was as follows:

What if (those infamous two words) my mind was so clever, that it tricked me into thinking that what was coming up for me was intuition, was really just a way for it (my mind) to get its way?

As you can see, I often struggled to be friends with my mind. I used to think that it was “out to get me”, and if I wasn’t careful, it would push me down the stairs and into my own demise. That’s the thing about anxiety and depression. It sent me down a dark spiral and left me questioning what was real, what was safe, what was dangerous, and what and who I can trust. Needless to say that when I began my journey of self-healing, I struggled to differentiate between my intuition, which is here to guide me, and anxiety, which is a twisted and backwards way of protecting me by inflicting fear into practically everything.

So, my lovely human friends, after a lot of hard work, a lot of tears and breakdowns, a lot of “I can’t f***ing do this any more!!”, and a lot of holding my own hand through the dark corners of my psyche, I reached a point where I can, in fact, begin to tell the difference between the two. (Yay for me!) And I’m here to tell you, from experience, that it is possible! (So, yay for you too!)

I won’t pretend like I know everything there is to know about intuition and give you delightful insights in this blog post. Nah, my aim with this post today, is to share with you my own experience with intuition. An experience, “something” tells me, may resonate with some of you as well. My goal is to bring some awareness, to bring some light, to open a platform on which we can talk freely and openly about things we don’t often discuss aloud. I’d like to invite you to share with me your experiences with intuition. What came up for you? Did you know it was intuition? What did you do with that information? Was it helpful? If so, how?

Ok, you don’t need to answer all those questions, but maybe just one, if you feel called to.

As always, I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!

Lots of love and with kindness,


Intuition Class Online with Genevieve!

Cost: $125 CAD (2-hour class and totally worth it!)

Photo: Zen to Zany

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