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Journey of the Soul

Like the Gods before you

A veil of secrets will befall

Covering your heart in a blanket of Shadow

You will hear their silent call.

And like the sky that turned to Fire

Years before your Soul was born

Your Spirit will be tainted by dyer

of darkness, while loved ones will mourn.

Nothing can withstand the wrath of Fate.

You will soon feel destiny's strength.

But nothing can save you, not love, not hate,

Unless you're willing to go to any length.

That is the Path. Should you choose to accept

That will break away from the somber

Of which your mind is in full neglect.

Unless you success this blackness will linger.

Find yourself. That is the task.

The Answer lies deep within the Tomb of your Core.

A place hidden by your most trusted Mask,

and where no one has dared to explore.

Written by Liron Alon

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