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Blessings to Mother Earth

Whilst deeply submerged in a High Vibe Silent Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica, I found myself sitting alone, watching birds eating papaya and indulging in a meal prepared by chefs using only the highest quality, highest nutrients ingredients. I ate this meal so slowly, and with so much attention, that I began saying a prayer in my mind, and in my heart. A prayer of thanks for every single ingredient used to make the meal I was enjoying so completely. The words flew through me and I smiled, knowing fully well that these words came from a place of pureness, a place of gratitude and love. I decided in that moment, to give thanks, in the words that had come to me, each time I ate.

And so, my lovely human reader, I offer these words to you today.

However, keep in mind, these are the words that came to me, that spoke to me, and they hold a special meaning in my heart. I invite you to find your own words that express what you want to say thanks for. Not only once a year during Thanksgiving, but every day, every meal, and every moment.

Blessings to Mother Earth:

Thank you for this delicious meal I’m about to enjoy.

May it fill me with energy, nutrients, and love from within.

Thank you, Mother Earth, for all the ingredients used to make this delicious meal,

And for everyone who contributed in the creation of this meal.


As always, with love and kindness,


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