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Being in Love!

Hello there lovely humans!

Though I can't promise that I will post on a weekly basis as I once had, it just so happens that I have a beautiful topic to write about for you. And thus, here I am, sharing with you once more.

I recently took part in a glorious conversation with a lovely human about being "in love".

(*Funny enough, and this I swear to you, as I wrote the word love just now, the song I'm listening to at this very moment sang love over and over. The song is called "Infinite Universe" by Beautiful Chorus, and I highly recommend it!)

The conversation about being "in love" was, in fact, not about being in love with another being, but rather being in love on a bigger scale. Being inside the space of love. Being in the frequency of love. Being in the presence of love. Being in love with LOVE!

So that the external world and everyone in it is actually entirely irrelevant.

So that, once we are in the frequency of love itself, we can connect with others who are also in that frequency.

So that we are actually not in love with "each other", but are simply two people, who both dwell in the realm and frequency of love and are choosing to share a loving experience together.

So that the love we feel doesn't depend on the other. It doesn't come from the other, and therefore, our love, our joy, and happiness, also, doesn't depend on the other to provide it for us.

So that we provide it for ourselves, instead! Thereby taking responsibility for ourselves and what brings us joy in life.

That conversation felt true to me as I was engaged in it. Later that day, I thought about it some more. I thought about all the times I felt "in love" and how those days had unfolded. When I'm in love, I smile at literally everyone. People passing me on the street, people driving beside me, people on the other end of a call, everyone. When I'm not in love, I am in my head, I am in my thoughts, and I often don't see anything or anyone around me. My lover can (and has) come up to me, tells me he loves me, and gives me a big hug, but I am not in the love space and I don't receive as much as I know is possible.

What is the point of this article? I want to share with you that love is a frequency that we can tune into anytime we want. Imagine a radio dial searching for a clear signal. When we find the love station we see everything through the lenses of love. But we need to continue to tune into that station, that frequency. All too often I get out of that station and am in static. I get clouded, I feel unclear, lost in my mind. Sometimes it takes me a little while to realize what has happened, that's when I tune back into the love frequency. It's a constant tune up. But the more I tune into it, the easier it is to find it again.

For example, if your favorite radio station is CHOM 97.7, and for the sake of this example you're using a radio that doesn't give you the numbers to know which station you're on, you would likely rely on your knowledge of the station to recognize it when you heard it. The style of music, the host, even the commercials, are all related to the theme of rock! Same concept here. You know you're in love because you recognize the feeling and the theme of everything love.

How to get into love in the first place? Firstly, know that love exists. Universal, unconditional love is ever present, and is always available to you.

When I find myself lost in my headspace, I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine all the clouds in my head. Sometimes it's on overcast, sometimes it's a full blown storm. I zoom out of the storm, just as a meteorologist zooms out of the map when sharing the weather forecast. Then I gently drop my awareness lower, as if I'm in an elevator and clicked the "H" floor ("H" for heart). Down my head, down my throat, down to my chest, and down one more floor. DING! the doors open, and I step out into my heart space. Sometimes it's green and full of trees, sometimes it's completely empty with a light pink hue. Either way, I am now in a different frequency.

If I feel my mind activating again, and thoughts (and storm clouds) rushing in again, I take yet another deep breath, and do this exercise again. And that, my dear lovely humans, is how we can get back into love anytime we want!

As always, with love and kindness,


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Apr 03, 2022

I Love reading you! It's not A coincidence that I synchronized on this lovely blog frequency . Thank you for writing from your <3

Replying to

Thank you so much for vibrating at this frequency with me! I love hearing that my words resonate and relate to you! Sending you love and light, where ever you are!

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