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Journey to


Our job is to get out of the way of ourselves and let the art flow through us. We need to stop trying, stop doing, start allowing. We have no clue what we can be when you stop forcing and start being.


Hello and welcome to Journey to the Real You!

Our Journey begins twice; Once when we are born into this physical world, and again when we awaken our consciousness and embark on a truth-seeking journey. We all have the potential to become the ‘us’ we were born to be; the Real us.

On my journey, I discovered that everything I thought I knew about myself stemmed from a past reality. A reality that no longer existed but still dictated how I saw my world. This discovery had lead me to many workshops, teachings, books, lectures, and conversations that opened my eyes to the possibility of what can be.

A few years ago, I watched a video. It made me realize that if I don’t make some changes, then the life I knew would be the life I’ll always have. In that moment I made the decision to embark on an inner quest to live my life the way I wanted to. For me, it was a video, for you, it can be a session with me, a conversation, or even a song, that can change everything in an instant. The source of the lesson doesn’t matter, only the lesson itself. If you are open and willing to receive it, it can, and will, come from anywhere and anyone.

Using Access Bars, Reiki, crystals, Divine Guidance and Intuition, I can offer you the inner wisdom I’ve collected over years on my journey; the journey to the real me.

Photo Credit to Manon Bordeleau

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